When Life Happens

May 10, 2013 by

Today was all planned out.  I don’t always plan well, but when I can, I function better, I feel better and I do better.  Today I had a lot of things to get done.  You know those days right?  It needs to be mapped out in order for it to all be accomplished.  Last night the signs that life was going to get in the way of my plans started to unfold.  L-man was starting to get a little sick and B-boy was up 3 times in the night coughing and sneezing.  The poor guy has been struggling with the pollen since it first arrived this year.  We have been trying some homeopathic things to keep his immune system strong and thus far he was responding well.  After getting a “well enough for school” L-man dropped off a little late, we got home and B-boy now had a fever.  Soon after I noticed he could not speak to me without seeming out of breath.  After calling for help from a mom friend and noticing labored breathing and difficulty speaking and sudden lethargy, we decided we need to get to a doctor fast.  We were able to see our pediatrician and get our very first breathing treatment.  Luckily she thinks its a virus and not something we may be looking at enduring often.   An hour later he was laboring to breath again and we were ordered to the ER.  We tried another treatment and started a steroid and narrowly (so far) escaped the hospital.  Am I frustrated that my to do list, yet again, is behind or undone?  Sure.  But I can honestly say I have no greater job than to take care of my sweet babies.  I was not a perfect mom today….my middle child, princess-L, was with us the whole day today and feeling fine and feisty!   I just may have lost it with her a time or two trying to navigate my way through the scary “my other child can’t breathe” drama.  I will neither confirm nor deny that.  Here is what I know:  THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, set me a part for a work.  A large part of that work, especially now, is to care for my precious children.  HE knew my list was just a list.  HE had a greater calling for me today…..notice your boy is sick and get him the care he needs.  And be grateful for all of the resources HE has provided to make it possible for this to happen.  So in looking forward to mothers day…..this is what I do!  I WILL NOT complain that I am behind on my household jobs.  I want to be grateful for all the days good, bad or ugly.  They are all blessed by GOD because I am doing what he called me to do and I am caring for the people I love the most.

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